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MultimediaCross-MediaTrans media… – is there really any point to this inflation of buzzwords?

Well, I’ll admit to wishing  boils and blisters on the media savvy who huff: It’s not actually called cross-media anymore, whenever you try to engage in a discussion of how producers and businesses can provide the broad experiences that users expect. Focus, people.

But to be fair, the appearance of new concepts and labels in this field should be seen as an expression of our changing perception on media convergence. Through such new concepts we’re moving beyond the questions of platforms and markets and hardware (Not that we have the answers, still), trying to address a separate level, that of stories weaving in and out of media, transforming themselves to maximize the potential of each one.

My personal interest in this field are guided by questions such as:

– How do we tear down the old cultural hierarchies between different media and move towards an innovation process that starts with an idea bigger than the medium.

– How do we create spaces where stories and characters and experiences can be developed before someone kills them with talk of slots and target groups?

– How do we organize our funding structure so that it doesn’t reinforce the concrete silos of production and distribution that the book, film, tv and games industries consist of?

– How do we create a new language for what’s going on and for new ways of working?

I’ve had the pleasure of discussing and thinking about these questions when producing a report and a Cross-Media seminar for the Nordic Game Program, as well as whenever I meet a producer with a great idea, ineligible for support in todays funding system.

I’m hoping to find some answers myself, but I’d also love to hear what you think. And I don’t care what you call it, as long as your heart is in it.

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