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Office conundrum

August 28, 2010

Next week, my lease for my borrowed office is up and I’m looking at a possible new place together with some lovely people. The only thing is, I’m not sure I’m an office kinda gal.

Control over ones physical surroundings is important, and the main reason I won’t be staying on where I am now is lack thereof. I like it quiet. I like good coffee. I like being able to work in clothes that should never leave the house. I might have found the perfect office at home, then.

At the same time, though I have no trouble with the efficiency issues or ‘keeping work and leisure separate’ that seem to worry many, I hate the mess. There are papers and books and to do lists and inspirational peppy notes that tend to get on my nerves. Everywhere.

So I probably need a really cosy office. Or a bigger home.


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